I surrender all to you, God

In you Lord, I hope. In you my God, I place all my trust. In surrender, I give all to you, God of love. My Lord, you supply all my needs according to your riches in glory; in your mercy, have mercy upon us. Strengthen the cords of my heart to you; I bind my will to yours, lead me Lord through this day, to you Lord, I give all I am.

In you Lord, I trust. In you, my Savior, I place all I am. In humility I come, laying down all that I carry with me: burdens and worries, cares and concerns, problems and joys, tears and wonder, all Lord, I give to you. You are my hope.

 Bless the work of my hands today Lord, let it be a sign to the world of your love and not mine. Bless my words today Father, let the m be yours and not mine, that what is heard is love, your love poured out like oil on the head and filling the heart with joy. Take my hand Lord God, guide me through this day.

In you Lord, I surrender all. God, help me. Forgive me Lord all my sins. The world is filled with sorrow and anguish, bitterness and strife contend for places in every day. Give me Lord, your strength to stand against all the waves of evil; to help others in sore need and suffering, to be comfort in the storm, and yet it will not be I, who comforts, but You, Lord.

 In you Lord, I give all. Forgive me my lack of love, my selfish ways, my contempt and my pride. I see in the mirror my nakedness before you, the almighty God, and I am ashamed for I know my powerlessness, my weakness is great, before you God I bow, humbly asking, forgive me. Heal me. God of love, wash me clean. In you I trust.

I will praise you o Lord, for you are great! In the rise of each new morning, new beginnings are set before my path. Like the dawn that swiftly overcomes the darkness; your love stirs up my soul to praise, for you are great!

In you God, I find my Rock. My joy is found in you. You are my strength; my delight is found in you alone. God, how great you are!

 Sacrifice you do not ask of me;  gifts you do not require, you are the Lord, the cattle on thousands of thousands of hills are yours; the earth and all the skies; everything that has the breath of life and lives is Yours. This is what you desire from me; this only you ask for from me; a humble and contrite heart; mercy shown to others, for you have been merciful to me; compassion for others as you have been compassionate with me. Search my heart o Lord, search me and know my every way. Lord, I depend on you. Help me to see the eyes of Christ looking back at me in every one I meet today.

Perfect praise is this: to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds, souls and strengths and to love our neighbors as ourselves. To love with the compassion of Christ, to give and not count the cost, to speak gently and to suffer no one a wrong maliciously and quickly forgive all faults against us, as our Savior has forgiven us.

 In you o Lord, I trust. Let me surrender my life into your hands; let me decrease o Lord, that you will ever more increase. In you, God, is my hope. My refuge is the Lord God of Hosts; lead me, guide me, help me find my way. Your love is forever. Love outlasts the seeds and seasons of time. This you have proven, this you have given, teach me Lord the ways of your commands. In you, I surrender all I am. Amen.

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