God’s LOVE does not change, it changes us!

God loved us and gave Himself up for us. He sent His Son, His Only Son, into the world, the Word made Flesh and dwelt among us. He came to live among us, taking the form of a man that He would be like us, in every way, but one. He did not sin. How could one who is Perfection; one who is obedient to the will of God, act contrarily to what is truth within Him? He could not! His love so great for the world, He came that the world might be saved through Him; He came to show the world the Father’s love which is from the beginning and lasts for eternity.

What of this truth, a seed of goodness planted in each one of us from before we have known God. This is that truth, God loves us and has a plan for us, a good plan; a plan to do good things for us and not evil, to prosper us and to give us hope. What then is our hope? The coming of Jesus again, to the world; God loves the world so much, that even in these evil days, when men and women have turned their faces and hardened their hearts toward Him, He has not spent His wrath upon us, but shows us mercy, for God is Love.

Because of His Love for us, God has given us His Spirit to dwell within us. The Spirit brings to mind the many things we have been taught; and shows us our weaknesses, not that we should be in despair but that we should lean into God and seek His Strength, that His love which has been since the beginning of all time, will lead us out of darkness and give us delight. The fruits of the Spirit, given to us, resonated in the Lord Jesus when He was upon the earth. Think on this; the fruits of the Spirit are: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Looking at the list we are tempted to think, great; how am I supposed to live up to this, I cannot even wait for coffee in the morning!

On our own, we are not able, but with the love and strength of Jesus, we are able to do all things! Look closely: Joy, peacE; generoSity; faithfUlness, Self-control. Who better to show us the way through all our trials, than the Lord who first went through them for us, in many and varied ways we never even have approached, and for what reason did He do this? For love! His love for us exampled to us in everyday, the way we are to be toward one another and to the alien, enemy and stranger among us.

For Joy, Jesus came to earth, put aside everything in heaven, all honor and glory, forsaking all power, that He might come here, God of very God, to live among us and show us the Father’s love and that love living in us, is His Spirit, the Holy Spirit who leads us to all truth and reminds us of things we have been taught.

The Generosity of His Spirit, Jesus walked among the peoples of the earth, healing all who sought Him without exception. Evil and good, no one was distinguished greater or less than, all were considered as important as another and shown mercy, for the Son of God is merciful to sinner and saint alike.

His Faithfulness to do the will of God and complete the work the Father had sent Him to do, Jesus steadfastly did. He did not grumble about the labors, or did He complain about no place to lay His head or covering against the storms. He set His face to accomplish the work God had sent Him to do, and that work was to show the world God’s love.

And that love was shown in every action, thought and word Jesus spoke, not only to his disciples but to the many peoples who followed him daily, hungering and thirsting for truth. Some its true only sought Him for what He could do for them, leaving Him when He asked them to seek Him for Himself, even at this, the Lord showed His great love for us, and loving encouraged us to continue to the end.

With what great Self-control did Jesus show the world! How many of us when being slapped, spit upon, rejected, beaten, jailed, tortured and facing death, would stand silently, not reviling, not cursing, not hitting back, not running way or yelling defiantly but standing in submission to the ones who have determined to kill us, and even more, how many of us would forgive them? How much God loves us, that He suffered all these things, so that we, in our times and trials and struggles with one another, would do the same! I look at all this and think, really? I barely maintain control when the computer fails to start! But this is the sobering truth of all things, God loved us and gave His Son to us, that we might come to know, act, think, be like and live like, the Son of Man who loved us and gave Himself up for us!

Look again at the words. How much it makes the heart ache within the breast to consider the very fact that the fruits of the Spirit, were shown us in Christ and we blatantly consider them lofty, too hard, for someone else to do, for ….but the truth is..if we are to have peace, we must begin to act like Jesus. If we are to have hope, we must leave everything at His feet daily and not let the anger that rises up in us, take control, but have self-control and not let the devil have a foothold in our lives.

We must look within our hearts and ask the Lord of Mercy to remove the stones, the pits, the boulders and release into us the living waters of life, giving us new strength to endure in silence and with compassion all the things we go through, for to live is gain for the world, but to die is to gain Christ. How much we should look toward that goal, rather than the passing moments of our lives that once having been done are no more and nothing brings them back, yet our hope is always, in the Lord Jesus and His love for us, for it is greater in us than that which is in the world, if we will only believe!

God loves us and is not willing for even one of us to be separated from Him. The Majesty on High, revealed to us His great love, when He became Flesh and lived among mankind. He suffered and died for us. He took all our sins upon His Body with every cruel lash of the scourging, with the spittle and slapping, every abominable thing we do to each other, God took upon Himself; not to condemn us, but to show us, perfect love. Love that does not seek evil and revenge, but is patient and kind, considerate of others, bearing all things for others and having mercy toward even those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.

God healed us from all our sicknesses and diseases by the wounds He received for us. Every dis-ease of mind, emotion, heart; every sickness of the body, cold, AIDS, pneumonia, cancers, every virus, every bodily harm and destruction that comes against us, God bore in His Body that we might have perfect health!  God loved us so much, He was nailed to a cross and lifted up that the world might know His love was eternal; look at the wide open arms upon the cross, not condemning but inviting us to the embrace of love that does not fail, though we fail Him, He cannot fail us, for then, He would fail Himself!

God so loved the world that He sent Jesus, who gave us the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of Love and of courage, for goodness and of mercy; the Spirit of hope and of strength; He abides in us and when we love one another with sincere love, the fruit of the Spirit comes into its harvest and the love which God has given us is shown to the world through Jesus Christ living in us!

As much as we are able, let us have peace with one another; encouraging one another with good words, thoughts and actions. Lets put aside all gossip and slander, let us share with one another the good things we have been given by God, not because we deserve them, but because God’s love overcomes all our sins and weaknesses and brings us to a place of right standing with Him, because He first loved us! Let us lift up one another with helping hands and loving hearts and forgive one another as often as we have been forgiven our faults and sins by God, living in harmony and unity which is the bond of Love.

God loves us and cares for each of us with a tender and merciful love. He showed us His Love in Jesus, though we have not seen Him with our eyes or touched Him with our hands; our hearts believe and have come to know Him and the power of His love. There is no fear in this love, for love casts out, removes and destroys all fear, but perfect love, overcomes, fills up, and sustains us into the last days where we will then be gathered to Him who gave us life and in whom we have our being. Lord Jesus, we thank you for your love of us, teach us to live according to your Word and your Word is love, for you are God and God is Love, as it was in the beginning, so it is today, yesterday and tomorrow, for God does not change, He is Love and the Author of it. Amen.

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