Direct my path with your LOVE God..

Direct my path LORD, bind me to you with cords of LOVE. Teach me to walk in your commands and to do your will faithfully. Place iron doors over my mouth, singe my tongue with burning coals if I speak evil against my neighbor, brother, sister or friend.

Make me an arrow in your holder of Justice and Mercy; o LORD, direct my steps and lead me.Iinto your hands GOD, I commit my life, surrendering all I am to You; make me an instrument of your goodwill; guide me with your unfailing LOVE, let your promises come to bear fruit within me. I am yours God; do with me as you have decreed in the Book of Life for me.

To you LORD I lift my voice in the morning hours; to you I offer my first thoughts of thanksgiving, speaking them into the dusk of dawn. Your works are phenomenal LORD, countless are their ways and none can plumb the depths of your faithfulness toward us. To you GOD, I bow down in humble awe of the greatness of your love; my heart lies at the brink of death, for longing for you has consumed all that has been my lot; you have forgiven all my faults and sins against you; you have breathed within me the newness of life, creating a new creation out of old. Have mercy on us LORD, in your compassion, watch over us and guide us, lead us in the way as we search diligently the truth of your Word for our lives.

All the members of my body are yours to command LORD. Make my arms strong for battle against the enemy; give my legs strength to stand in adversity. Fill my heart with hope and my soul with understanding and wisdom; not so I can boast, but that the boasting I do speak, will be of your love and the power of your love to save the sick, to heal the broken-hearted and to loose the captives cowering in fear of death, for death has no claim on you, you are the GOD of the living and have made known your great love for all people, by the works you do without cause, or reason, but solely because of LOVE, the greatest of all reasons.

In the manner of a Father to his child, correct my faults. Direct my path that I may know truth and not make false judgments about others. Take into your hands my tongue, it is the most restless and evil among all my members; try as I might, I am unable to control it without your help.  Silence my voice forever if words of anger and injustice spew forth from my lips. If there is any evil in me, root it out LORD, I do not desire to live as I once did; but seek LORD solely to do as you command; to love as you have loved me.

To you GOD, I come; laying down all my burdens, every care and concern, I give them all to you. What I thought was once so important, is now just mere reminders of what I was, and to hold those thoughts increases my anguish. O LORD, if I have retained any evil way in me, remove it all, for my desire is to know Christ and Him Crucified, a far worthier goal to obtain, though I do not doubt that I have much to learn before I am done; my one desire in life is to love, and the love I seek comes only from you, for you have performed mighty works and done wondrous deeds in my life. Direct my path in the way which I should go. Lead me LORD; into your hands I commit my life.

Search me LORD and try me; find out what lies in the depths of my soul, and if there is darkness and evil abiding in me; destroy it completely; for what I truly desire is not riches of this world, nor fame, or even recognition of what I have done; but truthfully LORD, I wish to be as mist before the eyes of others, that they would see you and not me; that it would be your words, your thoughts, your expressions of love they receive; my only desire is to be used by you to bring your love to a hurting and dying world, hungry for compassion, mercy and love.

Direct my path. In all my relationships and every occupation of work you have given me; be my strength. Do not allow a perverse thought to entertain me; I find solace in your Word. Do not let temptation overcome me, but give me courage to stand firm and not fall to evil ways, as I once did and was judged rightly for it; now let me be judged by the good you have done in my life, and if I die for the actions and words I think, so much the better, for to me, life is loss but Christ is gain and that is the better part of all I seek.

O LORD, create in me a steadfast heart that praises your name every hour. Show me the way through every storm and obstacle; incline your heart to hear my pleas. Defend me against the war satan wages violently against me. Do not leave my side, but strengthen me with fortitude and patience to endure all that many allegations and lies he speaks, so that when the day is done and I lay my head down to rest, I will know for that day, I have fought a good fight and not declared evil in any way or done harm to anyone. Let love, your love, be the light that leads me, and your hand the hand holding my own as I go.

Your word o GOD is a lamp beneath my feet and my spirit revives to hear it. Your Word gives life to my soul and gives my heart pleasure; like scented fragrance that wafts over me, is your Love toward me. I find hope and am encouraged and do not lose faith when I am found recalling your word; the Word that brings life and not death. I trust in your mercy and love. I am not afraid of what any living thing can do to me, for I know that if I keep your Word close to my heart and call on you with faith, you will come, you will answer and all my troubles will become like dust and my heart be swept clean, set in order and I will rise to begin again. Such is the power of your LOVE to save me.

Direct my path o God. Lead me in the way everlasting. Do not consider my sins of old, but bind me tighter and tighter to you with cords of love. Let all my enemies see that their destruction and evil toward me has not come true, but that your wrath against them, has turned what they desired for me, upon their own heads. As I seek to forgive those who have harmed me, let me recall as well, those whom I have hurt, slighted, abused, maligned and judged unjustly and let me run with feet as swift as the deer to their side and seek their forgiveness, offering them the hand of love that has been offered to me on through the Blood of the Cross on which your Son died in place of me.

My Creator, my God, to you I surrender all I am, all I hope to be, and all that will be. What I cannot do for myself, and that is much, more if I am honest, please do for me. Take my hand and lead me; guide my heart to understanding of LOVE that surrounds all people and brings hope to the suffering, strength to the dying and courage to those who persevere in every trial. Give me LORD a patient heart; a gentle soul and a humble spirit, in these things I find truly who I am and not who I have been. Because I know that you are near, I am not afraid of what will come; for I know the changes you make, will be for my good and painful as they might be; I would rather they come, then face eternity without you. O LORD what wonders you have done for me; my lips and mouth, my thoughts and words I write, have no end of the praises that rise unbidden within me; yet they are beautiful and my eyes gaze with awe on the mystery of life.

For the peoples of the world, in every continent, land, nation and religion; let your Peace come. For the children in war and poverty, cease the conflicts and cover them LORD with your mantle of LOVE. Robe every life with a new garment, a robe of righteousness for all people; let your LOVE cover the world. Make your face shine upon us; poor and rich alike. For the peace of the world I pray. For Israel, for Egypt, for all those disenfranchised, broken and bleeding lives who cry day and night, have mercy on us LORD, we your people, who were once not yours but now are, cry out, save us LORD lest we perish and your Name o God be silenced forever.

By your stripes we have been healed. By the blood your Son Jesus shed for us, we have been saved and our lives redeemed. O GOD, how much love you have for us; how little we have for you. Increase our love for all people. Direct our paths. Guide our steps. Teach us to pray. Create in me a clean heart, let me die to myself each day and in the Crucified One, find life. Let me become an instrument of your LOVE, for LOVE covers a multitude of sins and evil despises it; love that is pure in thought, humble in action, swift to hear and not to judge but to obey the Word of the LORD. This is life and the fullness of it. No greater joy can be found, than when we do as You have done for us; bind us to you with a three cord bind, no one shall tear or break.  GOD is for us, who can be against us? Amen.

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